Aquafeed Innovation Award Winner 2015 presents the Aquafeed Innovation Award at the Victam shows in Europe and Asia to recognize the achievements and contribution of the allied industries to the advancement of aquafeed development. To enter for the Aquafeed Innovation Award, a product must be new and create significant benefit to the manufacture of aquafeed in terms of innovation, efficiency, [...]

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Intelscan gives lecture to the Society of Feed Technologists in the UK

Recognizing the successful solution from Intelscan for optimization of moisture content in feed, Intelscan had the honor of being invited to participate in the latest seminar at the Society of Feed Technologists in UK. “Optimizing moisture content in feed is very important from an economic point of view. It is also shown that correct moisture [...]

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Bühler selects Intelscan

Swiss-based company, Bühler, recently signed a contract with Intelscan, for a supply of online moisture control systems to be installed at a large feed producer later this year. Intelscan will supply 16 iScan sensors along with the AquaSmart software. „We are thrilled to work with Buhler who is a leader in the supply of equipment [...]

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Potato starch moisture sensor now available

Intelscan is now offering a new on-line moisture sensor for Potato starch- and powder products. When the target is to have as close to consistent moisture content in the finished product, Intelscan has the right solution for measurement and control of water addition. The main benefits of having continous moisture control for potato starch include; [...]

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Intelscan at Victam exhibition

Hundreds of visitors came to the Intelscan booth at the recent Victam exhibition to see the new and revolutionary AquaSmart moisture control system in action. The AquaSmart software calculates and controls water dosing into feed mix, based on measurement of moisture from iScan moisture sensors and other factory parameters. The Victam exhibition is the world´s [...]

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